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"I stand in the gap of silence in Unmasking Generational Consequences."

The history of Amore Transitional Group, Inc. is rooted in the legacy of our Founder/CEO Cousia Towns.  After her journey of being raised in foster care ended, she realized the true need for transitional resources for young girls leaving the system on their way to becoming adults. Through life's obstacles she overcame many triumphs, which included the murder of her mother at the hands of her father, a victim of childhood sexual abuse, and ultimately being raised in the foster care system as a ward of the state.  


It was the God-given, instilled vision that created the passion behind the purpose. Ms. Towns developed Amore Transitional Group, Inc. initially as a mentoring program for girls transitioning out of the system but over time it has grown into a full-service life skills training program. Today, Amore has touched the lives of more than 100 girls throughout the Dallas / Fort-Worth and Metro Atlanta areas.

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