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Main reasons for removing a child from their birth family home.

The most common reasons for removing a child are:


This can be best described as the persistent failure to meet the child's basic physical and psychological needs. As well as a lack of food, water and shelter, neglect might also be medical, emotional or educational.


Leaving the child to fend for themselves for excessive durations or leaving the child permanently.


Domestic abuse can take many forms, including physical (violence and bullying behavior) and emotional or sexual abuse. In some cases, it can be a combination of these, or it might be that the child repeatedly witnessing abuse in the family home is deemed to put them at risk of harm.

Loss of parent(s)

The sudden loss of the parents due to serious illness or death can result in a child being taken into care until alternative arrangements, e.g. kinship care, can be made.


In much the same way as the sudden loss of parents to illness or death, a child can be taken into care if the parents go to prison.

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